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For over twenty – seven years Living Color Aquariums has been the leader in custom acrylic products, a tradition which proudly continues today. We specialize in creating exquisite exhibits and displays from aquariums to water features to custom artificial reefs. All of our acrylic masterpieces are built to last and designed with the overall
well-being of marine life in mind. Our design team is made up of talented craftsmen and technical engineers with a unique project portfolio ranging from standard aquariums to massive marine habitats. Our scope of work and wide selection of aquatic products includes custom aquariums, acrylic manufacturing and design,
residential, commercial and yacht aquariums, themed exhibits, aquarium filtration, sea life support systems, wall aquariums, cylinder aquariums and more. While constantly searching for new opportunities to expand and challenge our classic and modern design capabilities, our basic philosophy remains the same.

Our Services

Commercial Aquariums

The installation of an aquarium provides businesses with more than just a spectacular art piece, it creates a destination for guests.

Public Aquariums

Our award winning custom aquarium exhibits balance state-of-the-art technological advancements with traditional hand craftsmanship.

Residential Aquariums

Living Color Aquariums is recognized worldwide for creating custom residential aquariums to satisfy even the most discerning clients.

Themed Exhibits

With high-profile clients such as Disney, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, our reputation for developing elaborate, unique and creative themed exhibits remains unrivaled.

Water Features

Behind the scenes of every custom aquarium exists a complex design of high-tech equipment that help maintain the delicate balance in the aquarium.

Yacht Aquariums

Bring your aquarium out to sea with our custom tanks designed specifically for yachts. These beautiful displays bring the ocean right to your fingertips.

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Our Process

Our focus is on function, sustainability and form. Form always follows function.

Jose Blanco, Director of Operations
A unique and talented team of designers, artisans, engineers and marine life experts-all work together in our company’s 43,000 square-foot headquarters facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we design, engineer, fabricate and assemble all of our aquariums.
Our proven track record of successful projects has helped Living Color Aquariums become the custom aquarium builder of choice for museums, zoos, theme parks, casinos, hotels, restaurants, retailers, commercial properties and distinguished home owners around the world.


So glad I found this company, I've been in the market for an aquarium for a long time, and Living Color helped make my dream a reality.

James S.


So happy to have such a beautiful piece in my new home! The team went with my initial ideas and worked with me until I was completely satisfied! Thanks!

Sharon A.


Living Color really blew me away, I had no idea something this colorful and vibrant could exist right in my home. Thank you so much!

Mike M.

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